Taking Charge of Fraud, Financial and Organised Crimes in the Digital Age


Keynote: Experian Quarterly Client Fraud Forum

Great afternoon spent with Industry cohorts, like minded professionals and Certified Fraud Examiners (CFEs) #ACFE



Keynote: Fighting Financial Crimes in the Digital Bank

Keynote: Building the Digital Bank and Managing Fraud

Keynote: Real World Implementation : Using Big Data + AI/ML to Predict and Prevent Fraud and Other FinCrimes

Trusted Advisory

Talking to approaches to managing growing risks of Fraud and AML and cross platform detection. How to ‘Really’ Know your Customer?

Contrasting and Comparing Best in Class Fraud Risk Management Frameworks and Operating Models to setup a fit for purpose Enterprise Fraud Function.


Today Chad Thomas and I had the opportunity to sit with South African security industry doyen, Wahl Bartmann.

To be honest, today’s meeting with Wahl was more like a super master class in understanding changes and developments in the South African private security industry.



The Devi Show

Cybercrime and Social Engineering is the new norm

Fraudsters continuously innovate and evolve to find new ways to dupe unsuspecting and vulnerable adults. Once the victims credentials are in the fraudsters hands, they use the victims themselves to bypass the security controls put in place by banks and other financial services organisations to move money out.


The Devi Show

Real customer or money mule?
How fraudsters and money launders target the vulnerable?

Financial crime costs the economy billions and criminals are always finding new ways to syphon money while keeping their hands clean. Desperate South Africans have been complicit in money laundering by naively selling their bank accounts and personal information to cyber criminals for a small fee, oblivious to the long-term repercussions.

Following a tip-off from one of our viewers, The #DeviShow picked up the trail of a money mule recruiter and found ourselves slap bank in the middle of this dark crime.

The Devi Show 26Feb21-min

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