Taking Charge of Fraud, Financial and Organised Crimes

Customer Fraud Solutions (CFS) in partnership with IRS Forensic Investigations (IRS) developed a unique two day seminar that will equip attendees with sharp, pragmatic and actionable insight into the world of Fraud, Financial and Organised Crimes. The seminar will cover all types financial crimes and will apply across market verticals.

The Agenda covers the connected lifecycle to taking charge of fraud and corruption.

  • Challenges facing the investigation of Fraud, Financial and Organised Crimes
  • The South African Legal Framework and Role players (private and public partnerships)
  • Case Studies
  • Indicators of Fraud and other Financial Crimes
  • Identifying, Sizing and Treatment Strategies
  • Informing Prevention Strategies
  • Strategy Formulation and Execution
  • Resource capability mapping and Digitising Operations
  • Predict, Prevent and Deter Fraud, Financial and Organised Crimes

Unlike traditional seminars, The CFS/IRS ‘Taking Charge of Fraud, Financial and Organised Crime’ programme will equip attendees with the prerequisite oversight and tools to foster a culture of awareness and ownership of fraud and financial crimes risk within the organisation but also at a national and global level. 

The key outcomes from this high octane learning and development seminar will inform and improve the incumbents overall understanding of fraud, financial and organised crimes at a macro level, whether a novice or expert in the field. Moreover, the seminar will equip attendees with practical skills for taking internal charge of their organisations risk posture, overall business performance and reputation. Participants will receive a certificate of attendance as portfolio of evidence in practical learning and development that can be attached to their Organisational Career Development Plans and Personal Resumes. 

CFS is an Affiliate member with the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) SA Chapter and an Associate member with the Institute of Commercial Fraud Practitioners (ICFP). Continuous Professional Education (CPE) and Continuous Professional Development (CPD) points will be earned by attending these seminars.

This seminar provides attendees with the benefits of building longstanding networks with industry cohorts in the collaborative fight against fraud and corruption but also connects the dots between field, accounting and digital forensic practitioners, risk officers, security specialist, data scientists, business and strategy managers, legal teams, the heads of compliance, security, fraud and financial crimes and industry bodies in this ecosystem of taking charge of fraud and corruption, in the Digital Age.

CFS provides this two-day seminar free of charge to select client’s representatives/champions where new business is contracted.