Our Services

Expert Fraud Consulting

Expert Fraud Consulting to manage current and strategic fraud pain points

  • Fraud Vision
  • Fraud Framework
  • Fraud Strategy
  • Fraud Policy
  • Fraud Countermeasures and actions

Enterprise Fraud Business Reviews

Enterprise and Functional Fraud Business Reviews with commercially pragmatic solution recommendations in the form of a Customer Fraud Solutions blueprint – people, process, technology and information capability mapping

  • Best Practice benchmarking
  • Situational status quo and Gap Analysis
  • Quick Win recommendations
  • Strategic recommendations
  • High level action plan

Strategy, Formulation And Execution

Partner with clients on the execution of the work required to establish and embed a world class and fit for purpose Fraud Target Operating Model

  • Organisation Structure for Fraud Risk Control
  • Fraud Risk Strategy and Awareness
  • Organisational and Fraud strategy alignment and governance
  • Identification and creation of data assets to maximise fraud detection and prevention
  • Anti-fraud controls and measures across product and channel with end to end process and systems mapping

customer fraud solutions blueprint

Co-ordination of investment spend and solution integration to maximise fraud prevention, cost efficiencies and ROI.

  • Data requirements and mapping
  • Technology requirements and mapping
  • Process requirements and mapping
  • People requirements and mapping
  • Detailed action plan, execution and operationalisation

Overall Risk Advisory

Umbrella guideline to connect the dots between Fraud, Cyber, Security, Compliance and overall Financial Crimes for maximised cross-functional efficiencies.

  • Cyber, Security, Fraud and Compliance Risk Assessment
  • Data protection and sharing
  • Consolidated FinCrimes Analytics Hub
  • Integrated Systems, Monitoring, Early Warning Indicators, Exception Handling and Remediation
  • Connected risk decisioning and control
  • Improved Risk Posture and Regulatory Compliance

Executive  Command of Risk

Map key performance metrics and indicators through visible Business Intelligence. Quantifying business performance and overlaying overall fraud, financial crimes and operational risk, graded against set risk appetite and tolerance levels to inform data driven decision making.

  • KPI definition, Measurement and Management
  • Define and Set Risk Appetite and Tolerance Levels
  • Risk and Control Mapping and Monitoring
  • Risk / Reward trade-off Quantification and Visibility
  • Data Informed Risk Policies

Manage Lost Opportunity

World Class advisory on Fraud Model, Algorithm and Rule Design and Governance to minimise the undetected frauds (lost opportunity) within your organisation.

  • Identify and isolate pockets of undetected frauds
  • Internal and external network link analysis
  • Fraud Network / Syndicate correlation
  • Predictive Fraud Model, Algorithm, Rules feature design
  • Model, Algorithm and Rules performance management and governance

Digitizing Risk Management

Guidance on how to use and deploy client data assets and analytic capability to manage current and emerging fraud threats in real time.  Deploying Interactive dashboards to support a game changing anti-fraud and financial crimes command centre whilst informing key stakeholders with actionable and on demand insight – fully digitised and mobile app enabled (24/7, 365).

  • Real time fraud monitoring
  • Interactive KPI dashboards
  • Early Warning Indicators
  • Data Driven Decision strategies
  • Digitised and on demand visibility, mobile app enabled

Expert forensic services

Expert forensic services that are guided by industry best practice and global legislation. Thereby making what would otherwise be an uncomfortable encounter for all parties involved to be friction-less process that is in alignment with business’ culture, policies and procedures.

  • Full Forensic Investigation, Uncovering irregularities
  • Identification of Control gaps and breaches
  • Control recommendations to prevent recurrence
  • Taking corrective action against individuals;
  • Referring the matter to law enforcement authorities;
  • Pursuing recovery of losses

The Post CFS Experience

Strategic partnerships and working alongside clients to sustain and grow their business

  • Client culture of ownership, awareness, governance and fit for purpose fraud risk management framework and underpinning capability
  • Established client fraud risk function and effective command of responsible risk management
  • Ongoing business operations and value optimization
  • Remaining at the forefront to proactively manage the ever-evolving world of fraud and other fincrimes

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